PROJECT DURATION: Approximately 10 weeks


Lovegrove was invited by Puma Energy to tender for three large construction projects within the Northern Territory. These projects ran concurrently and comprised of two projects in Katherine, and this nominated project in Alice Springs.
From a project management perspective, each location presented different scopes and challenges. This only strengthened our resolve to meet Puma’s extremely tight timeframes, as well as professionally service all projects with an equal amount of resources, and manage the ongoing issue of maintaining material supply into remote areas.

Puma Energy had to transition out of their existing facilities and into new multi-purpose operations in order to maintain supply across their huge Northern Territory network. All this had to be done while they managed their international responsibilities and major accounts. They wanted one company to be responsible for delivering a solution during this time of transition, and our proven track record with Puma Energy made us their obvious choice.
We met all the challenges and delivered the project on time. We were seen as integral to Puma Energy successfully remobilising to their modern facility.

The engineering for this project was quite bespoke, based on budget, timeframe and environmental conditions. We installed five 150kL (750kL Total) underground storage tanks, the largest underground storage capacity for
Puma Energy in Australia. These tanks supplied multiple products to a fully automated loading gantry for high volume distribution across the southern region of the Puma network for the Northern Territory. Coupled to the underground infrastructure, we interfaced an unmanned retail fuel offering for customers within Alice Springs.

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