Lovegrove is your complete fuel systems solution. We are the largest and most experienced installation company in Western Australia. Every year we continue to be engaged by new and existing clients as a result of our proven track record to deliver and support our services.

Our investment in people, operating systems and equipment provides us with powerful in-house capabilities that give us the competitive edge.

We’ll complete your entire fuel system project from conception to completion.

With an established presence in strategic states, we’re capable of delivering complete solutions for metro and remote sites throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory.


Oil companies, developers, mining and government bodies continue to engage Lovegrove to complete their fuel system projects. Our track record in dealing with the unique challenges faced when installing fuel systems continues to provide confidence to our clients. This is why we’re sought after time and time again.

Our range of fuel systems products and services includes:

  • Complete fuel system installation
  • Fuel system electrical installation
  • Automatic Tank Gauging and leak protection systems
  • Pump head replacement programmes
  • Unmanned sites
  • Retail sites
  • Commercial
  • Bulk storage and loading
  • Decommissioning and remediation
  • Wayne Distribution Partner for WA and NT
  • NMI Calibration accreditation
  • Service and Maintenance



Our multi-disciplinary team, and our broad range of services, allows us to streamline your entire fuel system project for optimal results from conception to completion.



Our design service utilises industry consultants to provide solutions for a wide range of specific project disciplines.


We can perform the decommissioning of fuel systems
in preparation for ‘raze & rebuild projects’, as part of the process for the installation of your new fuel system.
This includes working with contaminated soils, remediation, and the correct disposal of assets.


We have the resources to provide the labour and equipment you need to complete your project. Ranging from an above ground tank with a single dispensing unit on an agricultural property, to a bulk 750kl underground fuel storage facility with multi point fuel loading capacity, we have the capability to complete your project.



We audit entire systems to meet industry requirements and marketing trends, and have the experience and knowhow to successfully and efficiently complete pump head replacement programmes (this requires skilled navigation of older infrastructure to minimise downtime). Modifications to all facets of a fuel system is possible with our wide range of services.


We are certified to complete each stage of the fuel system install and calibration requirements, and we meet manufacturer and industry-specific compliance.


Who better to safeguard the long-term performance of your asset than the people who designed and built it? Lovegrove can provide maintenance for your fuel system investment.
We are experienced in fault finding, with the ability to identify the problem and provide the solution.


Our project management team track all stages of the project milestones to ensure we meet your specific timeframe, ITP’s and budget. Delivering superior value and quality to the customer,

Lovegrove provides a complete fuel system solution, from conception to completion. This includes preparing the site, to installing and powering associated facilities.

We are the W.A. and N.T. distributors of Wayne Systems.

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